Just a Few More Minutes . . .

I sometimes wonder if the fates send us a sickness to slow us down.

A break in schedule.
A pass on commitments.
A pardon for obligations.

Congestion, exhaustion,
a detached, dizzy, light-headedness –
simply unable to function.

And when it lifts,
euphoria at a new lease on life,
excitement for all the possibilities –

once I can get out of bed.

from adventureswithgastroparesis.com

from adventureswithgastroparesis.com

Inert AM

A pair of disapproving elderly librarians
judging my three-time renewal of books

But I got special permission from the head librarian

A fleece-clad stranger cuddled in,
stealing blankets and real estate

But she’s asleep, so we’re asleep

The intermittent voices of a tin-can radio man
interrupted by the ever-increasing beeps of the alarm clock

Up and at the absurd


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