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I have three four beautiful children, a loving husband, and, until recently, had a dirty little secret.  After the birth of my third child, I suffered from postpartum depression.  I hid it from all but a handful of people, even managing to fool myself for awhile.  I now realize there’s no reason to hide when dealing with postpartum.  And I’m starting to realize that there’s really no ‘getting over’ postpartum.  The meaning of motherhood is forever altered.  And that’s what I hope to explore with this blog.

And while I do love food, no, this is not a blog about food.  Though, it does provide seemingly endless possibilities for metaphor.  So I suppose it does factor in – when chopping potatoes, eating saltines, baking whoopee pies . . . Read Chopping Potatoes for an explanation of how the blog got its name.


10 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Hello Jennifer – I came via Cate of Infinite Sadness… fame. And – shoot! I missed your mental illness posts by a month. I assume you’ll hit on that now and again? No pressure…


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      Ah, so glad Cate sent you! She deserves all that fame! They’re all in the archive – hint, hint! – but, yes, I will be hitting on that now and again due to my own internal pressure 😉

      Thank you for visiting.


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    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      No kidding, huh? Each day continues to show me new and different ways motherhood – and life – are altered. Here’s to either accepting or altering those changes for the better . . .

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  3. ppdisland says:

    I like the fact that I am interacting more with moms who are realizing that there is nothing to be ashamed about suffering from PPD, the more we talk about it, the more moms are empowered, and especially in knowing that they are not alone 🙂 onwards Jen!

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