Looking for Signs of Life

A brown curled claw
skittering along the ground

Singular movement amidst
the frozen expanse of pavement

Only when you get close enough to see the fingers,
knuckles scraping the rocky surface,
can you distinguish the knobs of an oak leaf,
stem protruding like a tail

Propelled by the wind

a legion of birds wrapped in wing
a chipmunk
a squirrel,
a lizard scampering by

All alive according to the eye

But in this cold raw place between snow and spring
dry, brittle leaves are all that dance
born on the rhythm of weather patterns and wishful thinking

Just a Few More Minutes . . .

I sometimes wonder if the fates send us a sickness to slow us down.

A break in schedule.
A pass on commitments.
A pardon for obligations.

Congestion, exhaustion,
a detached, dizzy, light-headedness –
simply unable to function.

And when it lifts,
euphoria at a new lease on life,
excitement for all the possibilities –

once I can get out of bed.

from adventureswithgastroparesis.com

from adventureswithgastroparesis.com

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