How many gentle moments do we poison each day when we cling to our expectations?  When we are imagining breakfast while we rock the baby, we miss the joy of rocking, we lose a precious moment with the baby – and we still miss breakfast.  When we simply rock when we are rocking, and then eat while we are eating, we become more open to the blessings available in the moment.

 Some expectations are extremely difficult to relinquish.  Some of us still expect our parents, friends, or spouses to finally become the loving people we always wanted them to be.  We think of how it might have been if only the right person or career had come along.  Some of us are still so attached to these hopes that we have not yet really begun our lives in earnest.  We are still patiently waiting for the world to match our perfect picture before we start.  How much longer can we wait?


from Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood

by Wayne Muller

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  1. Learning this is the secret to a fulfilling life.

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  2. Jennifer Butler Basile

     /  July 12, 2019

    It’s taking me all my life 😉

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    • Oh me too, me too. The thing is, once you start, you can sort of enjoy it along the way. Any bit of progress actually feels like a new thing.

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      • Jennifer Butler Basile

         /  July 12, 2019

        Such a good attitude – as always ❤

        Perception really is everything; you’ve got some great perspective!


      • Thank you! It’s been a struggle but I’m getting there. It’s easy to see that you are too!!

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