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Sick Daze

My friend told me her children had been on holiday break for 17 days – 17 days!!!

I can’t believe we didn’t hear about them on the news.

No, that is not a judgment on my friend’s parenting style. Nor is it a commentary on her children’s behavior. But Good Lord, 17 days – out of routine, out of school, in each others’ faces!

Today is my first day of vacation.

School started back up Monday in these parts, but my eldest decided to vomit all over her bed Sunday night. She looked miserable Monday and Tuesday morning, saying her stomach hurt and she felt like she’d be sick again. Wednesday morning when I threw down the gauntlet of ‘no vomit, no fever – go to school’, she dressed and ate breakfast only to vomit it all over the kitchen floor. Shortly thereafter, my youngest awoke with an earache, glassy eyes, and continued congestion. My middle was not a happy camper as the only one of her trio boarding the bus that morning. She announced that she wanted a sick day. I told her we’d quarantine her as the only one who wasn’t sick.


Think you can come up with a fun word for this phenomenon? Click through for the challenge!

So today, Thursday, fourth supposed day of school – my whole crew returned to routine. I’m as giddy as a school girl myself. Well, maybe one who skipped school. For I was able to return to a quiet house, which even with its piles of detritus left from stretches of sick days (did I mention I’m sick, too?), seems somehow calmer, cleaner, more zen.

I don’t know what I’ll do today. Maybe get started on pulling down those Christmas decorations that have overstayed their welcome. Maybe de-germ all community surfaces. Maybe turn over a New Years’ leaf and write some more pages of my lonely manuscript.

But right now my eye lids feel heavy. I might just take a nap – and wait for the call from the school to come pick up a sick child.


4 thoughts on “Sick Daze

  1. I’ve been sick. That means, even though no one else is sick, nothing really gets done. I started taking down the tree, lost my balance, fell into the tree as it crashed into the wall and my husband said, ‘You’re taking it easy, right?’ Yes, honey. Easy. Thanks.


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      Oh no! I hope you didn’t hurt yourself falling into that durn tree! And that your husband at least helped you back up! I’m okay with looking at the tree for a few more days before total guilt kicks in 😉

      Feel better!


  2. I breathed a huge sigh of relief on Monday when my lot went back to work and school, I have to admit. It usually takes me a whole day just to recover from a holiday (especially since we were sick, especially me, over Christmas). But then my older son said he had some absent teachers, so I had to pick him up at lunchtime today, next week he has a day off… and so it continues. Still, far better than your troubles!

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