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Cabin Fever


Can you hear it?  The sound of parents everywhere in cold climes screaming in agony.  The agony put upon them by their darling dears who turn into a pack of wild screaming mimis when the mercury dips below a certain point and there is no chance of booting them outside.

It’s all in my head, right?  I’m looking at the calendar and thinking enough time has elapsed for the end of winter to be here.  It’s a whole time warp thing.  I’m not literally trapped in the house.  They’re not any more annoying than usual.  But like Guns n’ Roses screeching toward Noriega at the sound of speed, I am cracking under the pressure.  The sonic wave is too much to bear.

The fact that it’s all in my head really is the point, too.  But not in an imaginary sort of way.  Cabin fever most definitely is a psychological phenomenon.  I am going out of my head.  I have reminded, cajoled, spoken sternly, screamed, and threatened to throttle.  I have asked my husband if all the rules I’ve taught them oozed out of their ears.  “Do I have to retrain them?” actually passed my lips.  I gesticulated wildly that the area surrounding the back of the couch/occasional table/armchair is not a “trick zone”.  I started singing the Coke commercial song, as in “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”, perhaps deliriously hoping for just such a scenario in my house.

I may just have to buy a case of something with a bit more punch than Coke and sip and bear it – until hibernation is over.


8 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      I’m sure it’s their feeling this that leads to their insane actions, but my irritation skews my perspective at this point in time!


  1. godanalytics says:

    I am soooo feeling this too. I used to love Fall. But now, I know it just signals winter….the months of being STUCK inside. And we know this all takes on a whole new meaning when you’re stuck inside with your lovely children……I CANNOT wait until it’s warm again!!!!


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      Once I started teaching – and the subsequent anxiety that always came with – I began to dread fall. I have the sneaking suspicion that I would suffer from SAD if I moved to an even more snowy clime, but right now it’s mostly my lovelies who are doing it to me!

      Hang in there!


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