Riddle Me This One

A zebra walks into a bar – no wait, that’s the beginning of another type of story entirely.

Imagine this if you can.

Nine children invited to a birthday party.

Nine (different) stuffed safari animals hidden about the yard.

Nine children loosed upon the camouflaged beasts.

In a perfect equation, each child would find one animal and go home with said animal.

In reality, there are any number of permutations:

  • Overzealous  child with 20/20 (or x-ray) vision finds more than one (or all) animal(s)
  • Each child finds one animal, but it is not the one he or she wants
  • An all-out brawl, not unlike a lion mauling a zebra on the savannah, ensues over who gets which animal

Now imagine you’re taking one of those standardized tests that are all the rage these days and solve for Z (which is for zebra, by the way).  What is the solution?  What say you?




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