Measure distance covered in the length of a song

Imagine geographic area given the musicians to roam

Number songs down before destination done

Hit corner by time clock hits the next minute

Shave time off ETA

Not late until start time elapses

Envision window into where you are

Just how close, closer,

            every inch, every minute, every mile

Pray for a well-played EP

Toxic Tilt-a-Whirl

Sometimes it is essential to spend time alone, apart, to process, to pare down.

Sometimes it is crucial to get out of oneself, one’s head, one’s ruminations.

Thoughts can become toxic, especially ones fraught with worry that get bigger each time they come around the bend.  And they circle around and around like a never-ending Ferris wheel run by an insane clown bent on making you a bitter old hermit after you’ve alienated all those close to you by verbalizing said toxic thoughts.

Maybe not verbalizing.  Maybe posting them on social media or in an email or letter.  Because toxic thoughts don’t play well in the real world.  They don’t like bright light.  They like to bubble and fester just below the surface.

Voicing them would make them sound ridiculous.  Saying them aloud would take away their irrational magic.

Or simply talking to other people might make you laugh.  It might make you forget all those sweet nothings the insane clown whispered in your ear.  You remember what it’s like in the land of the living.  You realize your worries were just that.  And that many of your toxic thoughts are what make you the same as other people.  You just need to press the release valve once in a while before you blow up yourself and everyone that you care about.

The best way to do this would be to turn toxic thoughts into meaningful dialogue.  To stop cowering in the corner from the insane clown and say what you mean and how it makes you feel instead of allowing your thoughts to run amok and turn toxic.

Now who knows how to overpower an insane clown without pulling all her own hair out?

This is the least scariest picture I could find of an insane clown.  No wonder clowns give kids nightmares!

This is the least scariest picture I could find of an insane clown. No wonder clowns give kids nightmares!

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