To K or not to K

That is the question.

Whether tis nobler to stay home one more year,
gnoshing on animal crackers and coloring,

Or to load those neuron capacitors with ammo
so they may fire sooner and surer,
to better achieve their full potential.

Will planting you in the garden of kinder now make you blossom
or make your fragile shoot wither in the face of social corruption?

Will another year of playschool keep you pure, wondrous, awe-some
or hinder your thirst for knowledge as it’s satiated too easily?

Am I second-guessing the educational policy-makers-that-be
or my prospects for the next year –
my last with you
or my first of freedom

Water for My Soul


Good Morning my family

Do you think that this rain will bring flowers?


The lovely poem that my kindergartener brought home yesterday.  More of a survey, really.  She left a space for each family member to respond – except the three year-old “because she can’t write yet.”

God, I hope it brings flowers.  And I hope you stay as lovely and sweet as you are right now.  With your sense of wonder and hope and excitement.


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