Mind Games


What is it about the anxious mind that creates a sense of urgency where there really need not be one?


Yes, we are busy.

Yes, there are things to do,

schedules to adhere to the insides of our minds,

errands to be run,

appointments to be met.


But what is it that turns that mind into a manic maelstrom?


That makes setting priorities an absolute impossibility,

that makes logic ooze out our ears,

that brings the piles of ‘pending’ into focus, yet nothing else.


The urgency is not in response to anything urgent at all;

it is the anxious mind’s way of attempting to exert control over –

an over-scheduled life?

a transitional phase?

poor planning and posturing on our part?


We go and go and go

until –



Reality smacks us on our asses?

A Tahitian vacation beckons?

We find the right cognitive behavioral therapist and drugs?


The unwitting interference of fate may be the only solution,

for we’re far too busy worrying to actively pursue any other option.



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