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Happy Monday morning, all!  As I decipher whether or not that vise grip of a headache is the effects of withdrawal, my newest post has gone live on A Canvas of the Minds.  Go visit for more info!  Thanks!


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I Pledge Awareness . . . to the Cause

“I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2014 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.” 

art by Piper Macenzie

It’s not everyday that I can proudly wear the badge of my illness, but the badge above — this badge I’d slap on my forehead and parade around town.

A Canvas of the Minds is an amazing website dedicated to an amazing cause: spreading awareness of and eradicating the stigma of mental illness.  A team of talented authors share knowledge, personal struggle and triumph, and, perhaps most importantly, a reflective surface to show us we’re not alone.  It is a team to which I am extremely proud to say I will soon be contributing!

When my water broke at the end of my third pregnancy, it released the flood waters of postpartum depression.  What I didn’t know was what else was dammed up behind that.  ‘Regular old’ depression, I suppose, and most definitely, anxiety.  In some ways, my life has never been better since this deluge; in others, it’s sucked eggs – big, nasty, rotten ones.

But awareness makes a huge difference in all lives – those struggling to achieve mental health and those alongside them.

So bravo, A Canvas of the Minds!  And bravo to all of you out there fighting the good fight.

To everyone: please consider taking the ‘Blog for Mental Health’ pledge yourself.  Do it for yourself or in support of those you love . . .


May is Mental Health Month

Is there a reason that any 31 (or 30 or 28) days of the year should be any more important than the 334 (or 335 or 337) others to celebrate and promote a certain cause?  No.

Does a catchy phrase, vibrant color, or ribbon bring more attention to said cause?  Yes.

There are certain causes that should be mainstream knowledge, part of the collective consciousness of our society, but are not.  That, I suppose, is where car magnets, PSAs on cereal boxes, and fundraisers come in.  And that is why I’m challenging myself this month to raise awareness about a silently insidious disease, disorder, condition.

Mental Health.

Just as autism’s umbrella has opened wide to shelter a great number of conditions, so has mental health become an amoeba wriggling its hulking mass into more and more areas.

And it’s the amoeba in the corner of the room that no one is talking about.

I came across the blog, A Canvas of the Minds, a few months ago.  They have many thought-provoking posts written by a talented cross-section of writers.  Their initiative, Blogging for Mental Health 2013, is a brilliant idea.  blogformentalhealth20131I so wanted to join in the challenge and proudly post their badge on my blog, but I felt I didn’t quite fit the mold.  Their network is of blogs dedicated to discussing mental health issues.  Mine is about chopping potatoes and motherhood.  The way I navigate daily life and motherhood is shaped by the state of my mental health, but that would not be the main focus of each and every entry.

But I want to salute them and their initiative.  And I encourage you to join them in their quest to make mental health something people are not afraid to talk about.  Worrying about how other people see us should not be one more challenge we need to face as we struggle to make life livable.



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