Holy Smokes

I was going to say something along the lines of “Holy Therapy Session, Batman!” but this has nothing to do with male superheroes. This is all about the ladies.

The innate power of women.

The smoke is from the top of my head blowing off, my mind exploding. The holy vespers of the spirit swirling around the space.

When something is known with surety, a warmth spreads from your chest, across your shoulder blades, up your neck into a tingling of the scalp. Water rises and pools along the cusp of lashes, glazing the eye in a softened yet magnified lens. The heart swells and throws the arms outward, seeking the embrace – of an idea or confidant or both.

Searching all one’s life for the fiat; once found, the yes is effortless.

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  1. Holy hole in a donut! It’s nice seeing a post from you.



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  2. I could not have put it better than Danielle! So very lovely to hear (read) from you!


  3. Also, so yes about the innate power of women, especially when they draw upon that power to support and love one another.

    I’ve always considered myself both a good feminist, as well as especially aware and appreciative of women and how much so many have helped me just by being there every day. (I happen to know a lot of amazing men, too, and they are all family, so lucky for me I even get to keep them around. 😉)

    I confess though, that as my girls have grown, especially the oldest (21 years old, studying engineering, still insanely artistic and creative – the child MADE her own prom dress – and yes I am a trifle proud of her 😊), she has made me a better feminist and a better woman. I want to work so hard to help make this world a better place for her and her youngers. Her feminism came alive when she read about the ancient, now obsolete practice of Chinese foot binding her junior year of high school in AP World History, and wow, did it ignite an inferno in her! Since I’m not actually her mother (or any kind of parent), she calls me up and we chat for hours about everything. She even tells her roommates that she’s on the phone with her friend! And I am fangirling a bit here.

    But be it children growing and grown, my mother, aunts, cousins, friends, even my grandmothers (who passed so young I am pressed for memories of them, which is the only reason they are prefaced by the world even), there is something truly amazing in simply having wonderful, supportive, creative, intelligent, caring women in my life. Having them in this life, this world in general. Contrary to the narrative some television, movies and (most heartbreakingly) a few women who still buy into those lies would have us believe, women are not all about trying to seem better by being fake and taking each other down. The women I have known, do know, and will come to know have made my life better and me a better human being. This includes you, Ms. Jennifer!

    (Apologies for all the parentheticals, run-on sentences, and random commas. I was much more focused on what I was saying than how I said it. Also, leaving longer comments on a phone versus a computer is hard!)

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    • Jennifer Butler Basile

       /  March 12, 2021

      Ruby! Your comment proves my point!

      “When they draw upon that power to support and love one another” – YES! That is when the power is amplified. And you’ve always helped do that! Much love ❤

      Also, I’d be pretty proud of a personally made prom dress as well!

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