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I’ve Been Had

I had to clear out months of clutter in a matter of weeks.

I had to squeeze in cleaning sessions between naps.

I had to let some things go that seemed absolutely essential.

I had to receive guests into an imperfect house.

I had to admit that the next week was lost due to physical and mental recovery.

I had to hope that it was just the exhaustion of overextension and not the harbinger of a downward slide




the dull padding of apathy.

I have to rally the hopeful spirit of the season and strive to be reborn each day.



4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Had

  1. It sounds a little bit like you’ve been in my head. I had enthusiasm, and excitement, and even a touch of joy … and then, … a slow grinding slide into another place entirely. I keep giving myself the shake-shake-shake of my pom-poms, and willing myself to jump back into the spirit of the season, but those dark echoes keep pulling me back. I’m determined. I’m inching my way towards taking ACTION (the only known cure for me). One small act at a time, I’m reclaiming my happy. Care to join me?

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