The True Meaning of Motherhood

What is a mother anyway?

What does it truly mean to be a mother?

In its simplest form, I suppose a woman becomes one through the act of birthing – but even that isn’t completely accurate. There are other roads and other roles women play to become mother.

The act of caring. The act of doing. Laundering. Ferrying. Carrying. Remembering. Reminding. Feeding. Bathing. Nursing.

Yes, but littles don’t even notice when we do these things. Maybe if we don’t.

Is it the arts and crafts, then? The activities? The culturally enriching experiences?

Our tremendous aplomb at managing the tightrope of work and home life? Or the cutting-edge at-home preschool curriculum we’ve essentially created to validate our exit from the working world?

Motherhood, at its core, is this.

Jennifer Butler Basile

Jennifer Butler Basile

The gentle, yet firm embrace of a mother’s arms around her child. The child, no matter the age, wrapped in a ball to crawl into that embrace. Precious little head tucked in the hollow between mother’s chin and shoulder. The child inhaling the indescribable comfort of laundry detergent mixed with bath oil and mom’s own musk; Mother inhaling the memory of sweet baby down. A kiss planted on top of that now full head of hair.

When we think of motherhood in its purest form, we can all do this. We can all excel and revel in this most revered of roles.

If we remember what is at its core:


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  1. My 15 year old 5’7″ girl still curls up in a ball once in a while (don’t tell her I told u). That’s when I remember I’m a mom

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  2. Jennifer Butler Basile

     /  November 5, 2015

    Never too old to cuddle with Mom! Sometimes I’m still tempted to do it! (And I won’t tell 😉 )


  3. ppdisland

     /  November 5, 2015

    Regardless of how bad my day has been, I make sure to create cuddle time with my son, and have him coil in my embrace. genuine, heartfelt, oozing with love. If you have survived PPD and the crazy days of hating motherhood, these moments are a precious gift at motherhood!

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  4. Little Mighty

     /  November 5, 2015

    Motherhood is one of the most wonderful gifts of mankind. To experience the “superglue” bond between mother and child is one of the greatest experiences of life. This is a beautiful post; so much so that it makes me want to cuddle my grown-up daughter if she was here right now.

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  5. Reblogged this on pattytmitchell and commented:
    One more re-blog before the day is done. This one by my friend Jen Basile. Her words touch the mother in my heart, and put words to the ultimate expression of love. And the girl can write! Enjoy.

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  6. I love the simpleness of this and can only say yes, I agree, love is all that’s truly needed💕

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