I wonder if God intended our minds to race

to rush from the wonders of the universe to a bit of ham stuck in our teeth

the tick of the speedometer to the sun glinting in our eyes to the trickle of guilt in our hearts

Love, lust, and what to have for dinner

Are we to let it run roughshod over our mental terrain
or train it to a specific point?

Focus or freedom?

How much is intentional
and how much is divine inspiration?

Stream of consciousness
clogged waterway.

And how do we pull the plug?


3 thoughts on “Slip(up)stream

  1. We pull the plug by picking up our Bibles and SEEK our Creator. He will put everything in the appropriate places in our lives. It is awesome to communicate with Him and listen to HIS ideas for our lives.

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  2. Our minds are strange little creatures, always in motion, and pinging left and right from this idea to that, sometimes crisscrossing over rough terrain. This post captures that haphazard journey perfectly. 🙂

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