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After(math of) Christmas

After holiday dinner, it’s back home to sweet potato peels on the floor.
curled into ribbons just before rushing out the door.

Dehydrated cantalope cut in the corner,
casualty of a frenzied fruit salad creation.

Boxes and ribbons and crumpled tissue paper
cast about the foot of the tree.

Accumulation of cookie crumbs and candy wrappers,
born of abandoned brooms and dustpans.

Time to pack things away instead of pulling them out,
to undo what took so long to do up,
unwind what’s so tightly wound.

After all the expectation and anticipation,
there is a void –
filled with the scraps of what was pretty and bright.




8 thoughts on “After(math of) Christmas

  1. for some, the days after are a bit of a relief

    no more expectations of how you “should” be feeling, experiencing, celebrating … just the space to step back and take a breath, and prepare yourself for a new year

    but you’re right about that void that often follows the holiday


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      Oh, I totally agree that the break was/is welcome. I’ve spent a lot of days in pjs post-holiday. It takes a lot out of me. But that void/limbo is bittersweet. As far as New Years’, more to come on that!


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