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Good and Awesome like It Is

I’m going to keep a folder of notes from my daughter, notes that are so poignant, so ‘heart-on-the-sleeve’ emotional that I see through the difficult behaviors to the core of our love, the elemental mother-daughter bond at the heart of our relationship.  For the days when she thinks she hates me and I think I hate my life.  When I forget the soft little heart beating in that proud little chest.  When I forget the absolute honor of mothering fragile little beings.


In the eyes of my daughter, I am loved just because I am.  And simply being makes her life good and awesome like it is.  If only I could live such affirmation every moment of my waking and breathing.




6 thoughts on “Good and Awesome like It Is

    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      It’s hard to feel ornery when you think about that, right? I mean, I could still probably do it on a bad day, but still . . .


  1. Definitely keep them. I’ve kept notes from my daughters in a keepsake box – one for each daughters. I treasure the handwritten notes expressing their love. Even in their teen years, I received a few letters of apology and kept those, too.


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      I would imagine the teen letters may have meant even more – because you know what it took to write them at that difficult age!


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