Light is Faster than Sound

The sound of my typing anyway!

By the time I made good on Marlyn’s nomination for The Lighthouse Award, Sherri Matthews, of A View from My Summerhouse fame, nominated me as well.  This one’s for you, Sherri!


Photo: Molly Jo

This sign is just outside the lobster shack that sits beside not one, but TWO lighthouses.  The crustacean cosmos were speaking to me!  Sherri, a beatific Brit, is biding her time until she can visit the northeast coast of the United States and sample this briny delicacy.  And she gifted me with this much-appreciated dual nomination for The Lighthouse Award!  Thanks so much for the honor, Sherri; for your conversational camaraderie; your authentic observations on life on this increasingly shrinking, great planet. How else, without the blogging community, would I be able to see your light across the miles?  Thanks for shining it!

Some notes:

  • Click on the picture above for a nice travelogue about this lobster shack and its environs.  Molly Jo did all the legwork for you!
  • Bragging rights to whomever can tell me the origin of this post’s title!

7 thoughts on “Light is Faster than Sound

  1. OK Jennifer, are you ready to take my order? Right, I’ll have every single lobster item (and crab too while I’m about it) on the menu and then I will visit both lighthouses. Or perhaps I should do it the other way round since I will probably not be able to walk afterwards! I haven’t heard of most of these menu items but taking one look at those lobster rolls I am positively salivating… 😉

    Love it and thank you for the link to Molly Jo’s fab travelogue too! Two lighthouses, two lighthouse awards, this is perfect for you and what better way than to keep your light shining in your beautiful corner of this blogworld 🙂


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      I’m not quite sure what the ‘boat’ suffix adds to each dish, but I’m guessing it has to do with increased portion size! Which might make a lighthouse tour, or two ;-), required to work up an appetite!


      • Okay, I cheated, but then I about slapped myself because I should have known this one from every angle! Don’t tell my dad I had to look it up (never mind why I said that). But it’s Big Brother and the Holding Company, or if you like, Janis Joplin, who was of course with Big Brother and the Holding Company. Or have you got someone else entirely in mind?


      • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

        Ding, ding, ding! Those who like Janis Joplin don’t have to differentiate – because it’s understood 😉 I won’t tell you had to look it up – but I do hope you listened to it when you did!


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