Scenes from a September Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday, leaving me with no time to poke around the local environs with my camera.  I did, of course, take pics of the blowing out of candles and opening of presents, but not of something different after having moved here – or so I thought.  This is the first birthday of hers we’d celebrated in our new home; her last being a mere two weeks before we moved out of our last home.  Our house had already been under contract for almost two months so I thought for sure the first soiree we hosted in Chez Noveau would be her birthday, but the best laid plans and worst real estate stipulations . . . in any event, sweet memories now.

Welcome to my new bow-tique

Welcome to my new bow-tique

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  1. Those cupcakes are adorable!


  1. Renz’s Birth-Date | Significant at the Time

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