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Scenes from September 3

The first day of school dawned misty and mournful, just like the groan that came from my daughter’s bedroom as the alarm’s buzzer issued.  But the drive in was filtered by sunlight and these moments of clarity on the way home.




I loved the way the trees and various shades and textures of green filled the frame


Time flows on, just like water, but there is the moment just before the plunge; the pause, the reflection, the leaves poised on the brink. And then the plunge.


3 thoughts on “Scenes from September 3

  1. Beautiful pictures! But what caught my eye in your post was the first day of school. I live in the south and school started on August 8th – the 1st of August for teachers! Such a difference.


    • Jennifer Butler Basile says:

      I know! Our town was one of the last, but still. When do schools finish for the year in your area?

      Thanks for visiting and checking out today’s photos!


      • They finish in our county on May 23rd – teachers get out on May 27th. Then we will probably start up the first week in August next year. Summers get shorter and shorter!


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