Snow on lilac blooms
Snowflakes on lilac buds

Melting on the green back of the sandbox

Sunshine shower

Birds chirping, snow falling

Springtime in New England

spring snow

My daughter wanted to set up the sandbox today.  She’s been asking to hang the birdhouses outside for a month now.  She and her older sister roller skated in the sand lining the edge of the road.  She finally gave up when it started snowing.  It’s springtime now, but the scene outside the window doesn’t look like it.

With an early release from school, I declared it a day to run around the backyard like nuts.  My three year-old was the only one with me.  I don’t waannnnnna go outside, said the eight year-old.  Can I have a snack first, asked the five year-old.  Belly full, she’s the one that hatched all those vernal equinox-inspired plans.  She has a very real sense of injustice.  When she awoke the first day of winter and saw no snow on the ground, she was pissed.  And now?  No Easter decorations up even though there’s snow on the ground?  What’s up, Mom?basket of snow

The snow today actually had my back, though.  The first flakes floated to the ground mere minutes after her latest protestation about an empty sandbox.  One good thing about a schizophrenic mood change on Mother Nature’s part.  And one that I should be able to appreciate given my latest post!

There really should be nothing bizarre about snow showers two days into spring, though.  Just because the calendar says it’s spring, doesn’t mean that we should wake up one morning to instantly green grass and gardens abloom.  Two days ago it was winter.  Two days ago snow was de rigeur.  The passing of seasons is a gradual progression.  Leave it to humans to expect instant results.  Leave it to us to restrict the moving of the days in tiny boxes on a calendar and expect the weather to follow suit.

It was bizarre, though, to hear the symphony of birds gearing up for spring as the snow fell.  They were a twitter with nest-building, bug-hunting, flit-flying from tree to tree.  They seemingly paid no mind to the fat, wet flakes flying around them.  Maybe I should take a page from their book – rejoicing in the expectation of spring, knowing it’s coming, instead of lamenting the fact that it’s not here yet.  There is beauty amidst the cold and dark.  And there is the promise of warmth and light at the other end of it.

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  1. Little Mighty

     /  March 22, 2013

    the pictures made a nice addition to the post.


  2. Hi Jennifer, first I want to thank you for checking out and ‘liking’ my blog from time to time. I have finally had a chance to check your blog out and it is very nice! I wanted to let you know that I am nominating you for The Leibster Award, congratulations! I hope that you will accept! Here is the link explaining all:


    • Jennifer Butler Basile

       /  March 25, 2013

      Thank you, Tieshka! Wow! I am honored and humbled! Let me think on those questions and prompts! I enjoyed reading yours!


  3. Oh, Jennifer, this post hit home. I am sooooo over winter. I think I was over it in January. The positive note at the end of your blog was uplifting, and I will think of it while I shiver and look at the gray outside my window. Thank you…


  4. Love the images, too!


  5. Love the Blog on Chopping Potatoes…it’s a blessing to know that Spring is shy to appear this year for your home too! Thanks for the perspective! Blessings


    • Jennifer Butler Basile

       /  April 15, 2013

      Glad you enjoyed both posts! And glad you took the time to read them! Thank you!



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