Keep Calm and – well, you know

I guess I want to be George Takei.

When he first exploded on the internet with his clever and quirky posts, I thought, who died and made him king of our on-line kingdom?  How did Sulu earn the clout to be our trendsetter and meme-maker?  There were two things that let me rationalize enjoying his posts: the fact that many were freakin’ hilarious and that, well, he’s Captain Sulu.

Then the other day, feeling incredibly down and tired, I opened my blank book hoping to release whatever funk was plaguing me.  I stared at the blank pages, too tired to form thoughts and too tired to get up and shut off the radio that was also distracting me.  Then this song came on:

In that weird way that the universe seems to speak to us from time to time, the lyrics of this song said exactly what I needed to hear.  That we’ve all been in that funk and need to keep going until we pull out of it.  One of those great realizations that make us feel alive again.  And I thought, how wonderful it would be to share this feeling.

Enter blogging.  Facebook.  Twitter.  What have you.

The perfect platform to share favorite quotes, songs, photos, jokes.  All those clever and quirky things that bang around in our heads and until social media didn’t have anyplace to go – except the backs of notebooks, bottoms of scribbled notes, and countless collages that littered my bulletin board or inside of my locker growing up.

Maybe I was snarky about George Takei’s meteoric rise to fame because I envied it.  We all have a little Sulu inside us, I guess.  Now, engage, and carry on!

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