Bowls of Serial

Though I keep maintaining that this is not a blog about food, gastronomy and the many metaphors it provides have been an organizing factor 😉

And so I offer you a bowl of cereal – I mean serial.

When you want just a bite of the potatoes I’ve chopped, come take a sampling of some of the series I’ve developed.


May we talk about Mental Health Awareness?


The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health.  While my mind is always trained on mental health, during May (nearly) every year I use this space to examine the causes, symptoms, effects, and treatment of mental illness – both personally and professionally.

A Less Transitory Settlement:

Click here for posts in this series

Click here for posts in this series


A daily photographic study of the new area my family settled in a year earlier.  A reflection on moving, defining home, belonging, truly seeing our surroundings.  September 2013.

Weekend Write-Off:

Click here for posts from this series

Click here for posts from this series


Friday posts dedicated to the art and craft of writing; my own process; my works in progress; inspiring passages; book reviews of both mainstream and children’s literature





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Never let it be said that humor doesn’t heal.  In fact, my personal motto is: Laugh so that you may not cry.  I employ that philosophy nearly daily – especially in parenting 🙂

My ‘how-to’ posts may be my favorites ❤


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